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Austin is an experienced videographer and editor that has worked with a diverse range of clients.

Austin's interest in media began at a young age while riding BMX bikes. After producing several videos and being featured on, he started to hone in on his talents and produce a variety of content, including a feature film, multiple short films, commercials destined for web and TV, training videos, and more. Austin was the cover photographer for Ten Mag (a Korean/Expat monthly magazine) for the March 2015 issue.

Austin continues to work with a variety of clients. From small businesses looking to feature what makes them unique, athletes that are disciplined in their sport, and companies are that are seeking media from their AGM and staff outings. Austin has worked with them all. He is dedicated to his clients and guides them through the entire production process. Austin strives to deliver unique content and places his clients and their concerns at the forefront. 

Austin is an avid cyclist (all disciplines), rock climber, skier, scuba diver and all around lover of the outdoors. 


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Featuring bloggers, entrepreneurs, corporate, musicians, travel, film, and television clients.

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